Hi, I’m Mary Catalogna! I help busy professional working women go from feeling inconsistent with their wellness goals to feeling driven and committed to live a healthy lifestyle.  I inspire them with how I’ve overcome my own challenges and show them they can be strong and heroic too!

People come to me when they’re feeling exhausted and confused about how to regain their athleticism. Together, we strategize and develop a plan to become as strong, competent, and powerful as you possibly can.

I have been a health & fitness coach for 4 years. I recently obtained my mid year holistic nutrition health certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and will be certified in a Mindset Eating program in October.  I host virtual support groups and have helped over 140 people lose over 1,300 lbs. (that’s a shit ton of shit!) I’ve ran countless races including 9 marathons (the Boston Marathon 2x’s), and have recently entered the triathlon world by completing two 70.3 IronMan and finishing 1st place in the Master division in an Olympic distance Tri (don’t be in awe – it was a very small race. I graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree and have over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry. I knew I didn’t have the brains to build the next electric vehicle so I spent another load of cash to obtain my MBA. I’ve worked on it all – from lathe machines, to nerdy engineering designs to now the Sales Manager of the N.A. Tier accounts. Health & fitness has always been a passion of mine and I love having an outlet to work my passion.

While I’m not running or hustling in corporate America, I’m holding down Fort Catalogna with my hubby John. We have 2 young, highly energetic boys who always keep us entertained with booger stories and wrestling matches. John and I both LOVE to be in the kitchen. I’d love to say we’re it’s all combya but he’s marinating meat to go on the smoker for 12 hours while I’m experimenting with every vegan online recipe. What can I say, opposites attract! One thing we can agree on is golf. We each started golfing at an early age and look forward to teaching our kids.

That’s the scoop on my professional life.


…or just looking for something to read to kill time in-between your kid’s soccer game?  Here are 10 more facts about me…

  1. I did study abroad at the University of New South Wales when I was a junior in college. We traveled WAY more than went to class.  I needed a 50% in each of the 4 classes to transfer the credits back to the USA…I got a 50 in each  (What the Uni-bar, the beach 2 blocks away and traveling the continent of Australia was WAY more important than Electrical Engineering!) We did crazy things like bungee jumped in a ravine, scuba dived in the Great Barrier Reef, played golf with kangaroos, sun-bathed on a beach with alligators (stupid),
  2. I struggled with orthorexia in my early 20’s and a slu of post-partum symptoms (adrenal fatigue, brain fog, & leaky gut) after my 2nd child. I recently fought off a parasite living in my gut, that was interesting!  I’ve healed myself naturally through nutrition. I’ve battled with people judging my fragile frame to people judging my eating habit.  I continue to cure myself with nutritional research and a strength from within.
  3. I was scared to death to compete in a Triathlon because I didn’t know how to swim unless it was up to the pool bar.  My first triathlon I had a panic attack in the water and “almost” finish last during the swim.  I made up time by kicking ass during the run.
  4. I HATE reading out loud.   I’m pretty sure I have a speech impediment or a brain malfunction.  It’s hard to read.
  5. I’ve been golfing since I was 8.  I got a hole-in-one when I was 17 in a high school golf match.  Ended up with a final crappy score, lol! I was asked by a small college to play golf for their team but turned it down to go to a small engineering school because my dad said “engineers have good jobs and make good money.”
  6. I wanted to be an archeologist or an architect when I “grew up” and ended up going to school to be an engineer (which I didn’t want to be) because I was good in math and science.
  7. My nickname is Nora (middle name) my “crazy years” nickname was Hollow Leg Holbrook because I could drink more beer than the guys…I also had a gold charm which said “I Love Beer.”  (What is was the 90’s!)
  8. Married my hubby on a beach in Thailand…and then spent 2 weeks traveling the country eating street food, riding elephants, visiting temples, and bitching about how large their cockroaches were. YUCK!
  9. I love electronic dance music…hate that’s it’s associated with glow sticks and drugs, haha!

I swear…a lot…but it’s extremely rare I do it in front of our kids…I blame it on my mom

I love to work hard. I love to play harder. I’ve learned other people’s opinion don’t pay my bills or craft my happiness. You will be free when you start focusing on being the best you.

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